Easily Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Loyalty

in Jan 19, 2022

Dealers often wonder what it takes to earn customer loyalty. The answer changes frequently and that is what makes earning loyalty so complicated. But improving dealership customer loyalty may be more tangible than you think. Technology continues to develop and improve, and consumers have more access to information and can diligently compare prices and services. As a result, businesses are constantly on their toes, scrambling to adjust and maintain any customer loyalty they’ve worked for.

However, there is one company that has risen above them all with satisfied customers and growing revenue – Southwest Airlines.

According to an article on Thrillist.com, Southwest began its journey promoting budget travel, but has managed to steadily become a top competing airline, with regularly priced ticket prices. Their company differs from other airlines with no assigned seating policies, and zero baggage check charges. Additionally, they hire enthusiastic employees who the airline encourages to be themselves. These small but impactful tactics could be the reason why they are the only airline that hasn’t gone out of business or declared bankruptcy within the past 25 years. Plus, they have never laid off or furloughed an employee.

Although Southwest’s boarding process has taken criticism over the years, it is in fact more efficient than any other existing airline. But that isn’t all this airline is proficient in. While other airlines charge for every added service or checked bag, Southwest proceeds to give their customers am affordable, comfortable experience, with little to no extra fees.

All these budget-friendly details, and they still manage to provide the free peanuts!

If you do your research, you’ll see that there are few airline that receive the raving customer reviews they deliver to Southwest Airlines. Despite the competition of many existing airline companies, they’ve managed to claim their spot in the top three top rated airlines in the world today.

The question is, how did Southwest earn their rep and still balance their budget?

They keep their employee engaged, their customer experience positive, and have maintained their policies and individuality. Southwest Airlines admits they don’t always offer the lowest fare, which is why they shy away from travel search engines. But their loyal customers choose to bypass search engines, and instead go straight to the the website to book their flight. They know they’ll receive a good quality experiences for their money.

So, what does it take to earn customer loyalty?

The allowances of the internet can seem threatening to dealerships. Customers have all the facts and reviews at their fingertips. But it’s important to note that as long as your business is offering its best, it will manifest customer loyalty, time and time again.

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