Easily Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Loyalty

in Jan 19, 2022

Dealers often wonder what it takes to earn customer loyalty. The answer changes frequently and that is what makes earning loyalty so complicated. But improving dealership customer loyalty may be more tangible than you think. Technology continues to develop and improve, and consumers have more access to information and can diligently compare prices and services.[…]

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Quality Customer Service Produces Life Long Revenue

in Jan 17, 2022

Is your dealership doing everything possible to keep your customers satisfied and returning to your business?  Now, more than ever, your reputation for building relationships and retaining customers may depend on your company’s focus on providing high quality customer service. How is “good customer service” defined? Though there isn’t a simple answer to this question,[…]

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Dealership Loyalty Over The Holidays

in Nov 24, 2020

      It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays. In retail, that typically means an upsurge in business, even with all the challenges associated with the Covid pandemic. In the automotive industry, the sales department typically finds consumers buying vehicles for their loved ones. And the service department sees an upsurge in[…]

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