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A Better Solution for Growing
Dealership Loyalty and Retention

It’s no secret that many of today’s OEM’s recognize the benefits of a dealership loyalty rewards program and offer or require their dealers to participate in their nationally branded dealership loyalty rewards program. Then again, some OEM’s don’t offer a local dealer loyalty rewards program and leave it their franchise dealers to fend for themselves. In either case you have much better and more effective options available to you.

Maybe you have multiple stores with different franchises and would like to retain and cross-sell between those multiple brands all under one locally branded automotive loyalty program?

In any case, if you are a Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, VW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, a high-line franchise or maybe you just are tired of your OEM sending your customers to like-franchise competitors we a have a far better solution for you. LoyaltyTrac dealer rewards program has been the preferred choice for a dealership loyalty program for hundreds of dealers for the past eighteen years.

Strengthen Your Local Brand

There is a reason why GM, Ford, Nissan and others have invested in a national, captive automotive loyalty program. It’s because they see the tremendous upside to building their brand. They know that in the long-term customers will repurchase another vehicle if they can maintain a continuous form of a personal connection. While these OEM programs promote vehicle brand loyalty, they do little on a local dealer level.

LoyaltyTrac is about your brand, your store, your local market and your customers!

Create a Captive Service Environment

While captive finance companies help get your customers into their new vehicles so why not have a Captive Service Department to keep them coming back?  Captive service is one of the most profitable strategies in auto retailing today. Tying your customer to your service department through a membership program guarantees repeat captive business. Your membership program gives your customers a compelling reason to only consider you for all their service needs and future vehicle purchases.

After all, what makes more sense? Having 10,000 customers that may visit sometimes or having 10,000 captive MEMBERS that visit all the time?

Improve Your Customer Engagement

You may think you are engaging your customers with your current marketing, but, actual customer engagement and general marketing are two completely different business disciplines. You can’t truly engage your customer unless you are delivering, real, personalized experiences tailored for each customer segment. Utilizing proven engagement practices will greatly increase the odds of your customers being loyal to your local brand. Having a smart, relevant multi-channel customer engagement strategy is key to optimizing your customers ongoing experience and developing long term retention.

Your dealership rewards program will engage your customer at a level you have never seen before!

LoyaltyTrac dealerships stand out from their competition by building lasting relationships with their members.

97% of customers
will join voluntarily.

Will visit on average
3.4 times annually.

Will outspend non-members by 37% annually.

23% will repurchase another
vehicle within 4.1 years.

Program Design

More than just rewards, LoyaltyTrac will provide all the tools and expertise to develop, specifically for your dealership, an ongoing, opt-in engagement program between your store and your customers. Utilizing your membership platform as the ongoing conduit to your customer LoyaltyTrac will proactively change your customers’ purchase behavior with targeted, relevant and timely rewards-based communications.

The result will be a more responsive customer base, a deeper customer relationship and greater recognition for your local brand and dealership.

It's All About You

We make it all about you. Your retention programs primary focus should be on your local dealership, your products, your services, your legacy and your community outreach.

OEM programs fail to make your store the main point of interest because they are promoting the national brand any many times actually end up driving business away from your store and to a like brand competitor.

Because LoyaltyTrac is a captive member program your benefits are only redeemable at your store which gives you a significant advantage over your nearby like brand competitors.

Return on Investment

LoyaltyTrac reporting and analytics are driven, in part, by retail RO and sales data extracted from your DMS. It’s your real data that will prove-out program results without any external guidance. Key performance metrics are tracked and analyzed quarterly to provide you insight on; visitation rate, retail spend, share of wallet, vehicle re-purchases and time between visits.

Your loyalty members will visit at least twice as often vs non-members. They will out spend non-members by about 37% and are three times more likely to repurchase a vehicle from you than non-retail members. A well designed loyalty initiative should be a revenue generator not an expense.

Using Your Actionable Dealership Data to Engage Your Customers and Grow Your Revenue

Using sophisticated algorithms and data drawn from within your DMS and CMS and then paring it with your customers behavioral patterns and past purchases LoyaltyTrac will predict if, and when, your customer will come back and, with a high degree of accuracy, what type of future purchase they will make.

Using this data LoyaltyTrac can segment your customer base and will quickly identify your high value customers, those who may need a nudge to make purchase and those who should be visiting your competitors.

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Included with Your LoyaltyTrac Dealership Rewards Program

LoyaltyTrac sets the standard when it comes to building long term, dealership customer retention. That’s why we packed LoyaltyTrac with customer engagement tools and features designed to keep you customer informed, interested and coming back.

Mobile Dealership App

Staying connected with your members is easy with your own branded, completely customized, mobile app. Our fully functional app will allow your customers to send and receive dealership text messages, look up your current vehicle inventory, schedule a service appointment, check their vehicles service history, check for recalls, receive special offers or notices, plus more.

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5 Star Reputation Management

Our 5 STAR technology enables dealers to quickly show up on the top of local search results and win customers from their competitors with better reviews. This powerful program help stores take advantage of the fact that 90% of customers find a business online and 87% decide to visit it based on their online customer reviews.

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Dealer Branded Gift & Stored Value Cards

And although some utilities actually deliver physical goods — like water utilities which actually deliver water — utilities are usually treated as services.

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