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Recall Administration Program

Recall Connect

Recall Connect our dealership recall management program will seamlessly identify, communicate, coordinate parts acquisition, and follow-up on every individual open recall within your DMS customer base.

Recall Connect is a completely automated, digitally integrated recall solution for franchise dealers. The entire process is completed behind the scenes starting with a scan the all of the VIN’s from your service and sales databases. We then run them against public and proprietary open recall databases.

After identifying those units with open safety recalls, we start a multi-channel communications process designed to drive a positive and actionable consumer response.

Reengage Inactive Customers

Every dealership has thousands, of inactive customers sitting in their service files. Let Recall Connect re-engage with these customers through an omni channel, dealer branded, sense of urgency campaign designed to encourage those customers back to your store for their important safety recall repair. While we will not get all of them to respond just think if we are able to get 15, 18 or even 25 percent of them to act?

Turn Recalls Into Customer Pay Revenue

Many of the open recalls in your customer database are on older, higher mileage vehicles. These vehicles are prime candidates for tires, brakes, belts and other preventive maintenance. CPRO data clearly shows customers who respond to a recall notice purchase additional repairs when provided the opportunity to do so. It doesn’t get any easier!

Capture New Customers

While performing recall work is anything but glamorous it can act as a great conduit to acquiring new customers. These customers more often have vehicles that are good candidates for obtaining a new, replacement car, SUV or truck. Recall Connect can identify by zip code which customers have units with open recalls and deliver them to your store for completion of the recall. The rest is up to you!

How Dealership Recall Management Works

Recall Connect campaigns run in ninety-day increments. Once the recalls are identified from your data, we initate the process beginning with those recalls that have a significant safety element to them followed by those with higher potential profitability. All communications are branded with your store brand and look as we want the customer to feel that it is a personalized service being offered directly from you.

VIN Analysis

STEP ONE. Review the VIN data stored within your DMS. Recall Connect will seamlessly identify every open recall on any unit in your database, both in service records and on your lot.
Affected vehicles are flagged in the Recall Connect database and are identified for repair.
Once analyzed, a comprehensive required parts list is generated, and parts availability verified.

Customer Contact

STEP TWO. Based upon parts availability a multi-channel consumer contact campaign is initiated for those units where parts are available. The Recall Connect strategy encompasses mail, email, text and phone. All communications are branded with your local dealership brand identification.

Parts Procurement

STEP THREE. Your Parts Dept is a critical link to servicing and completing recalls. That’s why we work hand-in-hand to keep them in the loop regarding recall notices being deployed the parts required. Based upon the number of actual customer responses your Parts Department can easily order the required parts for each campaign. The customer is forewarned that this process may take some time depending on availability and that an appointment is being held on their behalf. Recall Connect will periodically maintain contact with the customer to advise of the status of the repair.

Scheduling Repair

STEP FOUR. We work hard to induce and guide your customers to take-action on their recall. From the initial contact through the final repair and follow-up we are with your customer, on your behalf, to ensure the repair gets completed promptly and professionally.

Follow Up

STEP FIVE. Too many times the recall repair process gets derailed with a lengthy acquisition of parts. Recall Connect acts as your customers concierge to ensure the repair gets completed. Our oversight of the process does not end until the RO is closed, and the customer is on their way.

Just Look At The Numbers

While many dealers view recalls as a nuisance and therefore they don’t get the same attention as a customer pay service customer. In reality, recalls are a great source of easy revenue and they provide the rare opportunity to reengage with past inactive customers on a proactive and helpful platform.

Average # Of Open Recalls in Metro Store DMS

10, 321

Ave Customer Pay $ On A Recall RO

$ 123. 46

Potential Recall Driven Revenue

$ 1, 270, 921

Profit Assuming 68% Shop Gross

$ 864, 230

Recall management programs

Something to Think About

With the almost daily increase in the number of recalls issued by OEM’s consumer advocacy groups and NHTSA have become more aggressive in pointing out those dealers that don’t have an effective internal system in place to handle the sheer volume of vehicles requiring repair. Having a proactive dealership recall management program and third-party recall administrator will ensure that your store is never negatively highlighted as was AutoNation in this recent consumer watchdog study. Click on report cover image to read entire report.

OEM and NHTSA Compliant

Recall Connects suite of multi-channel communications are all about connecting the recall customer with your dealership, identifying the process for the repair, procuring the parts, and following up to ensure successful recall completion. All written communications are NHTSA and OEM compliant and all customer phone conversations are recorded and maintained to ensure full compliance and to reduce any potential dealership product liability.


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Program fees are a very sensible, fixed flat rate, for each ninety-day campaign, regardless of the number of recalls identified or number of owners contacted.
There is no long-term contract and you can purchase individual ninety-day campaign packages whenever you wish to pump up your service volume.

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