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Performance Group

Delivering Incomparable Dealership Loyalty and Customer Retention Solutions

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area with access to some of Silicon Valley’s best talent, Performance Group is uniquely qualified to support your dealership’s digital technology, retention marketing, prepaid maintenance programs as well as all your recall administration needs for improving dealership customer retention and profitability.

Our professional staff of system engineers, loyalty strategists, customer support analysts, graphic designers, and marketing experts are dedicated to designing, implementing and improving dealership customer retention and business growth goals. All of our products are tailored specifically to your local dealership brand and your customers.

Because we want to establish business relationships based on mutual trust, we supply products help establish confidence and transparency at all business levels. Our team has in-depth knowledge of automotive service marketing and customer retention principles. Our solutions and expertise will keep your customer coming back year after year. You can rely on us and our products with confidence as many of our dealer clients have been utilizing our products continuously for over fifteen years.

Who are we?

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We started our life in the automotive world over 30 years ago. We continue to provide results driven, market tested products that help dealerships in the US and Canada grow, maintain and profit more from their customer base. We accomplish this through the design of innovative products that drive revenue while engaging and retaining your customer.

In 2003 we pioneered and were first in market with the LoyaltyTrac dealership retail loyalty program. Since then OEM’s and competitors have launched their own initiatives, but none can compete with our expertise, proven technologies and business patents for frequency and relationship marketing programs.

Our UltraCare PPM was launched in 2007 and was the first dealer owned and administered prepaid maintenance program in the market. While others played catchup, we continued to develop new technologies and to improve our program which has become the preferred choice of hundreds of dealers today.

Our Exceptional Skills

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We’ve designed and implemented thousands of individual dealer loyalty, prepaid maintenance, sales inducement and recall administration programs for retail dealers. Our automotive OEM products are used by some of the most recognized vehicle manufacturers and with all likelihood you have already used some of our technologies without even knowing it.

We utilize only the best and most secure technologies available anywhere. All of our platforms are hosted by AWS and have multiple data redundancies, backups and security attributes.

We are both Reynolds and CDK certified and work with most any DMS systems.

Why Choose Us?

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Our past and continuing performance with our dealer clients speaks volumes about our products. Many of our client dealers have continually utilized our products for more than ten years and are instrumental in the continuing development of our features and platforms.

We listen, we design, we implement, and we continually support our clients so that you get the best results across a wide spectrum of business and retention metrics.

During the last twenty years we have had the privilege to work with and for these great companies.
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Kia rewards program
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loyaltytrac retention programs
Hyundai Rewards program
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