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E-Service is FREE Digital Service Marketing

e-Service is a digital platform that allows dealerships and independent repair shops to market and sell service packages directly to their customers online. There are no fees to participate in e-Service as it is a consumer funded program.

With e-Service, service departments generate cash immediately while guaranteeing future service visits. Retail customers purchase a service package today, at an online-only special price, and are allowed to redeem the services anytime in the next twenty-four months.

With the current market conditions, many consumers are choosing to limit their face-to-face purchases. e-Service provides you with the platform to sell service packages, on your customers’ terms, online, for use at a later date.

ZERO Customer Accquistion Cost

e-Service does all the design, local branding, deployment of customer communications, and facilitates the online sale. The packages are only available for sale online through a special email offering. This program is absolutely free to you, the dealer. e-Service collects a very nominal  handling charge, generally five dollars, paid by the consumer, at the time of purchase. Funds are remitted, less the service fee, directly to your store. You will never be billed anything for the program.

Any forfeiture generated by packages not redeemed stays with you and will easily offset the discount associated with a value driven package offering.

Guaranteed Future Service Visits

Securing guaranteed future service, and retaining your customers for a period of years, without incurring any cost, makes all the financial sense in the world.

e-Service works because customers see the value in their purchase and they can service their vehicle when they feel comfortable doing so.

You Choose How Many to Sell

You choose the number of packages you wish to sell: perhaps 20 this month and 90 next month. This feature allows you to throttle the number of purchases based on your current shop workload.

Since e-Service is a dynamic digital offering, you can adjust pricing and quantity based on customer demand. And remember, this offer is only available online so it has a much farther reach than traditional marketing.

Sales tracking and Package Redemption

Tracking of program sales and package redemptions is easy through a secure web interface that allows the service writer to easily verify a customer’s purchase.

Immediate Revenue, Plus Guaranteed Future Sales

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The e-Service Process

You Define Your Package Elements

Packages can contain most maintenance items although we recommend keeping it to a simple LOF, Rotation and Inspection. One for conventional oil and one for synthetic.

We Design the e-Mail Offering

Our professional design staff will create an appealing, dealer branded, e-mail campaign promoting your package offering.

We Deploy the e-Mail Campaign

E-mail campaigns can be deployed to existing customers in your DMS and or CRM database. We can also provide a conquest list for acquiring new customers within specific zip code ranges.

Customer Purchases Packages Online

Customers who respond to the e-mail campaign may purchase up to three maintenance packages per VIN. Packages may be redeemed for service within twenty-four months of purchase.

You Generate a Bunch of Service

After each campaign you will receive a detailed report indicating the number of package sold, the number of service visits generated and the revenue generated by the campaign.

e-Service is All About Your Customer

And Customers Love It!

Because it is a Great Value, it is Super Convenient, Customers use it on Their Terms and it’s a Non-contact, Safe Purchase!

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