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Performance Group is a technology-enabled marketing services company that designs and operates dealership loyalty, prepaid maintenance, service marketing, employee loyalty, sales channel incentives, and recall management programs for the auto industry. Hundreds of franchise dealers and some of today's best OEM's use our intuitive, cloud-based dealer loyalty, prepaid maintenance and retention solutions to drive dealer profitability and to grow and maintain their valuable retail customer relationships.

UltraCare Prepaid Maintenance Plans

UltraCare PrePaid Maintenance

UltraCare is a cloud-based technology that allows dealerships to create, manage and market their own Prepaid Maintenance Program.

UltraCare is a dealer owned, self-administered PPM solution that eliminates the need for any third-party management , no sharing of your program revenue, no remote escrowing of reserve, no contact submission, no service claim submissions and most importantly more profit for you.

UltraCare Plus Subscription Maintenance

Subscription maintenance provides a new approach for offering basic vehicle service and is the most profitable way to grow your retail service business – at virtually no expense to your dealership.

Subscription maintenance will deliver superior customer retention all while providing your dealership with sizable and predictable future revenue.

LoyaltyTrac Dealership Loyalty Programs

Dealer Currency

Dealer Currency is a hybrid dealership retention program that was developed by a dealer for dealers. Dealer Currency will have an immediate positive affect on your bottom line as it is designed to accomplish two main objectives that both greatly affect your dealership’s profitability.

That is to Reduce Sales Discounting and to grow your dealerships long term Customer Retention.

LoyaltyTrac Dealership Rewards

It’s no secret that many of today’s OEM’s recognize the benefits of a dealer loyalty initiative and offer or require their dealers to participate in their branded dealer loyalty program. Then again, some OEM’s don’t offer a program and leave it their franchise dealers to fend for themselves.

Or, maybe you have multiple stores with different franchises and would like to retain and cross-sell between those multiple brands all under one dealer branded loyalty initiative?

Digital Service Marketing

Recall Connect

Recall Connect will seamlessly identify, communicate, coordinate parts acquisition, and follow-up on every individual open recall within your DMS customer base.

Recall Connect is the only fully DMS integrated recall solution available to franchise dealers. We run every VIN from your DMS against public and proprietary open recall databases. After identifying those units with open safety recalls, we start a multi-channel communications process designed to drive a positive and actionable consumer response.

Digital Service Marketing

e-Service is a digital platform that allows dealerships to market and sell service packages directly to their customers online. There are no dealer fees to participate in e-Service as it is a consumer funded program.

With e-Service, dealerships generate cash immediately while guaranteeing future service visits. Customers purchase a service package today, at an online-only special price, and are allowed to redeem the services anytime in the next twenty-four months.

Why Choose Our Programs?

Our Products Perform

ROI should be paramount when considering new products for your dealership. Each of our products are designed with two specific goals in mind: increase the frequency of customer visits and get a larger share of your consumers’ wallets. Each lend way to a very profitable ROI while building local brand advocates.

We Create Captive Service

All of our products utilize a form of captive service. This concept will generate more retail traffic, higher spend rates and a more dedicated retail customer for your Service Department.

We Build Your Local Brand

OEM’s focus on their national brand and not yours. Some of their efforts may be contradictory to your local needs and goals. Our products’ focus is all about YOUR local brand and how to make it stronger, more resilient,  more recognizable and, most importantly, more profitable.

Superior Technologies

Technology today is changing at a staggering rate with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, telematics, connected car and the many new omni-channel marketing options.  Because of that, we only offer premium, technology-enabled solutions which we combine with value-added features and enabled services so that you can always stay current and one step ahead of your competition.

Extensive Dealership Experience

Every level of our organization is staffed with auto industry professionals from retail, OEM’s, and suppliers that have shared many of the same challenges and difficulties in trying to keep a dealership at the top of their game. In today’s competitive marketplace, it helps to have seasoned veterans on your team.

Outstanding Support

Any company’s products are only as good as their product support. We will never sacrifice the quality and level of our support and it is paramount to us to ensure our dealers are successful. Our accomplished dealer services and training staff are always ready to assist you if the need arises. We will even give you our cell phone number!


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