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UltraCare is a cloud-based technology that allows dealerships to create, manage and market their own dealership Pre Paid Maintenance Program. Fully insurable and dealer owned, UltraCare is DMS integrated with sales, service and accounting so there is zero administrative burden. Because you own the program there is no sharing of your program revenue, your in complete control of the reserve, and there is no retail contracts or service claims to submit. Plus, most lenders will approve the retail financing the plan at the time of vehicle purchase.

What Makes UltraCare the Premium PPM Program?

Experience & Expertise Counts

Over twenty years of PPM design and implementation allows us to offer many additional features that most other PPM’s don’t even have.

Our process is covered by a US patent and you won’t find our features available with other PPM’s.  UltraCare includes direct automated texting, online plan renewals, customer mobile app, beacon technologies, geo-targeting and automatic retail recall notification.

All this means for you is that you will have a higher customer redemption rate, higher retention rate and much more profit.

Build a Captive Service Following

Captive service is one of the most profitable strategies in auto retailing today. Tying your customer to your shop for a period of years makes all the financial sense in the world. Some dealers that currently utilize UltraCare PPM have over 10,000 active plan holders and grow that number each day by selling plans in the service lane. Nothing currently on your service menu can compete with the long term financial advantage of a dealer owned, captive PPM program.

Custom Fit to Your Dealership

UltraCare provides you with the flexibility to build the most profitable plans, designed specifically for your store, your customer,  your geographic demographics, your cost structures, and your reimbursement rates. UltraCare is completely automated with your DMS.

UltraCare focuses on your local brand with POP marketing materials, customer correspondence, mobile app, online plan purchasing, and they are all branded to your local brand.

All UltraCare plans are easily reinsurable.

Data Analysis and

UltraCare ensures that you will be receiving the full benefit from offering UltraCare as your PPM program. Service upsell is a very valuable by-product of having a service drive full of PPM plan holders. UltraCare will automatically track and identify service lane upsell on every retail plan holder visit. Identifying, setting and tracking upsell goals will ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit from your UltraCare PPM program.

The Most Profitable Prepaid Maintenance Program Available Anywhere

Many dealers overlook the incredible financial potential of a well-designed dealer owned PPM program. OEM programs are only eligible to a limited number of your customers due to vehicle eligibility. Most third-party or Agent promoted programs are not dealer owned and shave thousands off your profit each month in the form of commissions and fees. And lastly, prepaid maintenance should not be just an F&I product. Isn’t it time you start receiving the full benefit of a dealer owned PPM program?

Sell Maintenance Plans Online

UltraCare makes it easy to sell your PPM plans online, through your dealership website and in a standalone dealer branded maintenance portal. It’s a great tool for your BDC also!

Plan renewals will come directly to you without ever having to do a thing.
Over twenty percent of your plan holders will automatically renew their plans using the online feature.

Designed to Sell in Service

Just think about how many units come through your service lanes each day. By utilizing a simple PPM plan designed specifically for your service lane customers you can drive tens-of-thousands of dollars in incremental business each month.

Ten to fifteen percent of those everyday service lane customers will purchase a dealer PPM plan when simply presented with the opportunity to do so.

Lease and VSC Bundle

Combine a maintenance plan in your lease deals to beat your competition by including maintenance during the entire time of the lease. A dealer owned PPM attached to the lease will also ensure the vehicle returns with having all its maintenance completed.

When packaging a PPM plan with a service contract you can expect to see your VSC sales increase by 8-10%

OEM Wrap

Manufacturer issued maintenance allows YOUR customer to visit any like brand dealership for service. With a wrap plan you are requiring that customer to return to your store only, for their maintenance. Wrap plans also provide a competitive sales advantage when selling against a like brand competitor when you offer three year of maintenance and they only have the two that the manufacturer provided.

All Pre-Owned Units Eligible

Pre-owned vehicles represent a great opportunity for incremental ongoing service sales with a simple LOF and Rotation plan.

UltraCare exploits that opportunity by removing all brand, mileage and time parameters so that you can place a plan on any vehicle you choose.

Setting the Standard in Prepaid Maintenance With These Features

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Sell and Renew Plans Online

A dealer owned prepaid maintenance initiative should never be a “one and done” program. PPM’s provide the dealership with an extremely effective tool for growing long term customer retention and for driving repeat vehicle purchases. The longer you keep the customer coming back the more likely they are to repurchase another vehicle. UltraCare exclusive online renewal feature keeps them coming back by providing an easy and convenient online plan renewal option billed directly to a credit card.

Keep Your Customer Engaged

Keeping your retail plan holder engaged and coming back for service should be the main objective of a sound PPM program. UltraCare’s imbedded, digital service marketing engine ensures that your customer will never miss out on redeeming their program benefits. Custom, dealer branded communications will keep your retail customer informed about every aspect of their plan and encourage them to make a service appointment at pre-determined times during the plan lifecycle. UltraCare retail purchasers on average redeem over 85% of their purchased plan benefits. Higher than most all other plan providers.

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Dealership prepaid maintenance

Provide Digital Convenience

Are you paying another vendor for your dealership mobile app? The dealer branded UltraCare Mobile App has all the features you would expect, plus much more and it comes standard with UltraCare. Your customers can look up their plan benefits, schedule service, see your inventory, change their profile, renew their plan, look up open recalls and send and receive texts directly from you. Plus, you can send mobile text offers to your members at any time you choose.

Simple to Use

UltraCare Plus is completely DMS integrated. Your service department has to make no special accommodations and all redemptions are handled directly on the RO. All accounting, plan redemptions and renewals are facilitated internally within your DMS as well. There are no service claims to submit or contracts to file and is 100% digitally integrated. Selling in the service lane requires no special hook-ups or terminals and is facilitated through the service writers’ terminal.

UltraCare is Reynolds and CDK certified and is compatible with most other DMS providers.

Prepaid Maintenance

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