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dealer loyalty program

Dealer Currency
Hybrid Owner Retention Program

This unique technology based customer retention program is designed to accomplish two main objectives that both affect a your dealership’s profitability more than any other business elements within your store. That being, product discounting in sales and F&I and maintaining long term customer retention.

Dealer Currency is a new technology in the form of a customer retention program. The concept is simple: replace the typical cash discounts given in everyday customer negotiations with your own form of internal dealer currency. This currency acts like a store credit which is only good on future purchases within your dealership or group of dealerships. You are in full control of where and how the currency can be issued, redeemed and when it expires.

Dealer Currency is completely automated and fully integrates with your accounting and DMS systems.

Reduces Customer Churn by 50%

By transitioning away from the standard, everyday cash discount on a vehicle purchase, service item or F&I product and convert those cash discounts into a form of internal dealer currency you will not only maintain the same gross on every deal, but you’ll also guarantee the future sales and the retention of most of those customers.

Create a Captive Customer Environment

In the automotive world, your customers have endless choices. Dealer Currency will ensure that your dealership will always remain top-of-mind with your customers without losing your bottom line! Your customers will value their currency the same way they do a savings account or gift card and will use it when they most need it. And that is good for your dealership because they will spend more in doing so.

Your Dealer Currency Program becomes a conduit to your customer from which a series of engagement activities and new marketing strategies can be formed. Dealer Currency customers will visit your dealership more frequently (3.1 visits annually) and spend more when they do visit when compared to a typical retail customer.

Retain More Pre-Owned Customers

Retaining a competitive make pre-owned customer is difficult at best. Dealer Currency gives that customer a reason to re-visit post sale when they have your dealer currency in their wallet or purse. Some dealers are experiencing retention rates upwards of 70% based upon return visits for currency redemption.

Replace Cash Discounts with Dealer Currency and Grow Your Profits

Similar to a prepaid maintenance plan your dealer currency is accounted for within a reserve account. When the currency expiration date passes and any amount is unused it may be recognized as program forfeiture and becomes income to your dealership.

Dealer Currency is a cloud-based technology that automatically tracks and administers all aspects of issuance, redemption, management of program currency and related customer retention communications.

No need to worry about any currency liability as it is easily controlled by the pre-determined expiration of unused currency on their expiration date.

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Meet the Dealer Who Designed the Program

The concept, design and validation of the, Dealer Currency Program was the idea of a very successful and distinguished Toyota and Ford dealer. Take a moment and listen to Doug explain how this simple and extremely effective concept may change the way you do business.

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How Real Dealers Utilize Dealer Currency

Dealer loyalty programs

To Promote Test Drives

This Toyota dealership offers a dealer branded stored value card as an incentive to test drive a vehicle. The currency can only be redeemed for the purchase of a vehicle at the dealership within a specific time frame.

Stimulate Vehicle Sales

This metro Honda Store grows vehicle sales by allowing their customers to apply their Dealer Currency towards the purchase of another vehicle.

Dealership loyalty program
car loyalty rewards program

To Improve Service Retention

This suburban Chicago dealership utilizes the program to encourage repeat service visits.

Acquire New Customers

These two dealer groups allow their current customers to transfer their existing balances to friends and family who are interested in purchasing a vehicle.

dealership rewards program

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