Quality Customer Service Produces Life Long Revenue

in Jan 17, 2022
Customer service evaluation form

Is your dealership doing everything possible to keep your customers satisfied and returning to your business?  Now, more than ever, your reputation for building relationships and retaining customers may depend on your company’s focus on providing high quality customer service.

How is “good customer service” defined?

Though there isn’t a simple answer to this question, bad customer service is easily described. In your dealership, an extended wait time to receive a price on a vehicle, a phone that goes unanswered, or an email inquiry that waits hours for a reply could fall in the category of less than satisfactory customer service. Something as simple as providing the customer with timely, factual information the first time around could mean the difference between an excellent customer service experience and a disappointing one.

Failing to properly service a customer could haunt your dealership for years to come.

According to an article on Forbes.com, a poor customer service experience could result in a customer avoiding doing business with your for two years or longer.

Today’s busy customers don’t want to wait to get answers or assistance.  When converting minutes into dollars, the longer a customer waits to receive information, answers, or a resolution to a problem, the likelihood of revenue lost increases. Simultaneously, the probability of that customer returning to your dealership decreases.

In the opinion of Forbes, a quick resolution to a reported problem will more than likely yield a positive customer service experience. The root of great customer service begins and ends with the customer’s belief that your business has their best interests in mind. Even though the auto industry’s reputation has improved over the last few years, consumers are generally still cautious when it comes to dealerships.

Put your customers’ experiences into perspective.

Imagine one of your customers, a business executive with a busy schedule. After her initial online research, she has chosen your dealership, based on customer reviews, well-written emails that she received after she submitted a lead to your store. Upon her arrival, a sales manager greets the customer warmly when she steps inside the showroom. She is shown the vehicle she inquired about and is given a fair and upfront price. The customer appreciates the friendly, no-pressure approach of the sales consultant that handles the sale.

Within a couple hours, she’s driving home her new luxury sedan. She didn’t encounter any hassles while she was at your store, she was treated with respect, and was given the opportunity to share her opinions and provide feedback about the sale experience. Because of this, the customer is satisfied and can promise to be in for all service work. Thus, a successful relationship is born.

From the receptionist to the general manager, everyone at a dealership has the opportunity to show that they have a genuine interest in the customer’s satisfaction. It takes very little effort to create a successful customer experience, but constructing life long, loyal customers takes outstanding service efforts by outstanding employees.

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