Quality Customer Service Produces Life Long Revenue

in Jan 17, 2022

Is your dealership doing everything possible to keep your customers satisfied and returning to your business?  Now, more than ever, your reputation for building relationships and retaining customers may depend on your company’s focus on providing high quality customer service. How is “good customer service” defined? Though there isn’t a simple answer to this question,[…]

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Using Marketing to Hire an Engaged Staff

in Mar 29, 2019

The automotive industry has a sales department staffing problem – and a big one. In fact, NADA has placed the yearly turnover rate as high as 70 percent. Dealerships are in constant hiring mode to keep their sales floor staffed with enough employees to provide coverage for their floor traffic and to follow up with[…]

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When Being a Manager Requires Compassion

in Feb 18, 2019

The retail automotive world demands a lot, including long hours, working holidays and little flexibility in schedule. Most dealerships require 1 or 2 “bells” per week, (working open to close) and don’t include many weekends off, as Saturday and Sunday are typically busy days, when consumers have time to shop for a vehicle. A recent[…]

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A Simple Roadmap to Customer Loyalty

in Nov 14, 2018

Human beings do have a tendency to overcomplicate things. In our industry, there are so many things that we need to deal with on a daily basis – customers, co-workers, employees, bosses, technology – at times it gets overwhelming. I believe that most dealers understand the importance of customer loyalty and retention. There are plenty[…]

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Building Up Employees’ Loyalty and Engagement

in Aug 27, 2018

When did you last share with someone important why you enjoy him or her? We’re fast to convey disappointment or dissatisfaction with others, but uplifting the attributes in them we like feels rather strange. Yet when it comes to building loyalty, whether in customers, coworkers or family members, nothing will engage their attention – and draw[…]

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The Transformation of Employee Loyalty in Gen Y

in Jun 13, 2018

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for employees to spend their whole working lives with a single company. People would start in their late teens and many would retire without ever having worked anywhere else. However, businesses, in general, and dealerships, specifically, are experiencing less loyalty from employees today than ever before in history. Why? According to Orlando[…]

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