Easily Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Loyalty

in Jan 19, 2022

Dealers often wonder what it takes to earn customer loyalty. The answer changes frequently and that is what makes earning loyalty so complicated. But improving dealership customer loyalty may be more tangible than you think. Technology continues to develop and improve, and consumers have more access to information and can diligently compare prices and services.[…]

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Quality Service Earns Customer Loyalty

in Jan 17, 2022

When it comes to your business, there are key elements for creating customer loyalty. Many businesses fail to analyze the quality of their services. It’s perhaps one of the most essential ingredients to earning and keeping customers. Quality vs Poor Quality Service Customers may love your business and its staff, and continue visiting your well-designed[…]

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Don’t Forget Mr. & Mrs. Cellophane!

in Aug 07, 2019

People are motivated by many different things. Some by money. Some by time off. But one of the most universal ways to motivate an employee is by recognition. For the most part that recognition comes from external sources; perhaps a customer compliments the employee either in person or via an online forum – then management[…]

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Communication Makes Everything Easier

in Jul 26, 2019

In our fast-paced society, some of the things done just a short time ago to impress and retain customers no longer work. Today, business owners can’t always keep on top of the latest and greatest ways to keep their customers loyal.  However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed much over the years – personal[…]

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You Don’t Have to Be Company 2nd to be Customer 1st

in Jul 12, 2019

While today’s businesses understand the need to provide an excellent customer experience, many don’t truly understand what customer experience means. What’s more, some don’t even realize they already have most of the things needed to provide a truly great customer experience. According to an article published by Which-50, 61% of marketing leaders stated that their company has a CXO (Chief Experience Officer), or equivalent position. This alone illustrates the importance[…]

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Ways To Increase Productivity

in Jun 28, 2019

Let’s face it. The car business can be brutal. Many in auto retail find themselves working long hours, under stressful conditions, with hardly any free time to see their families or enjoy other activities.  In our industry, many managers are under a lot of stress. The stress of production can wear a person out– whether that’s sales goals to be met, or service revenue targets. As a[…]

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What’s Your Company’s Fidget Spinner?

in May 27, 2019

The most popular “thing” on the market right now are fidget spinners. In case you don’t know what fidget spinners are, they are little spinning toys that you hold between two fingers and… well… spin. Sounds like something similar to playing with a cardboard box, right? And some people think that’s about right. However, many people claim these[…]

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5 Things That Make a Great Customer Experience

in May 15, 2019

Customer experience is increasingly important in business. Retail shops now compete for customer wallets with behemoths such as Amazon. As a result, stores now have to prove to customers will receive a superior experience more valuable than the convenience of clicking a button to have their product show up at their door in 2 days. In[…]

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Using Marketing to Hire an Engaged Staff

in Mar 29, 2019

The automotive industry has a sales department staffing problem – and a big one. In fact, NADA has placed the yearly turnover rate as high as 70 percent. Dealerships are in constant hiring mode to keep their sales floor staffed with enough employees to provide coverage for their floor traffic and to follow up with[…]

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