Why the Least Interesting Thing for Consumers Will Be to Drive a Car

in May 10, 2019
consumer experience

At the recent Adobe Summit, executive vice president and general manager, Brad Rencher, advised businesses that if they wish to survive in the future, they have to become “experience businesses.” He feels this is what will separate market leaders from the rest of the pack. In fact, he stated, “Automotive companies are transforming into experience businesses. In the past, they sold cars. But cars are evolving into ‘experience pods,’ where technology personalizes consumer experience with music, playlists, temperature controls, speed settings and more. Pretty soon, the least interesting thing you will do with your car will be to drive it.”

This, of course, offers an interesting dilemma. If cars become more of an afterthought, and the experience becomes the primary allure of cars, what does that mean for dealers?

Rencher offered these four tenets that successful experience-focused business follow:

  1. Know and respect customers (and know what they want before they ask)
  2. Speak in one voice
  3. Transparent technology
  4. Delight

Consumers are changing. They have less and less time and are used to getting things on THEIR terms. As I am sure you all know, it has become more and more about the customer experience. It is important today to ensure that the car buying process is as seamless as possible and delivers the experience that your customers desire.

With the many integrations and new, upgraded technology on the horizon; combined with a future of autonomous cars; younger generations will not be focused on what vehicle they are driving – or not driving – but rather what they can do while commuting from point A to point B.

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