Utilize a Rewards Program to Increase Marketing ROI

in Aug 10, 2018
Utilize a Rewards Program to Increase Marketing ROI

Did you know that…

  • 98% of Customers Who Join a Rewards Program Provide an Email Address
  • Email Open Rates for Reward Members are 300% Higher Than Non-Members
  • Dealerships That Provide an Incentive for Customers to Return After a Visit Have a 20% Increase In Sales
  • Statistics Show a 35% Service Visit Increase with Rewards Members
  • Members Spend 11% More Annually on Service When Participating in a Rewards Program

I think it’s pretty obvious after seeing those numbers that having a rewards program in place can more than triple the overall profit for your dealership.

Customers are always looking for the best deal and the best ways to save money. When you offer a rewards program, you are giving your customers what they want. The upside for you? You create loyal, repeat customers that will return to your dealership time and time again and spend more money while doing it. What’s not to love? By contacting a third-party provider, like LoyaltyTrac to help you setup a successful rewards program, you can increase your customer base and profit.

Also, there is a huge marketing potential for your rewards members. With statistics showing a 300% increase in email open rates, you better have a marketing strategy in place to reach your rewards customers.

Offer special incentives to only your rewards members – like an extra 15% off their next service visit or double their reward points for that entire month.

It is important not to SPAM your reward members. Each customer’s email address is like gold, so don’t blow it by dumping ten or more emails a month into their mailbox. They won’t appreciate it and neither will your bank account. Instead, offer thought-out marketing campaigns each month that have a specific focus and offer real value to your rewards members. Take time to sit down and plan out your marketing strategy for the next two months, or even the whole year and craft engaging content.

By utilizing your rewards members through your email marketing, you will more than triple the ROI for your efforts.

What are some of the successes you have had with your rewards program?

How are you utilizing your rewards program to grow your dealership?

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