Customer Loyalty: What It Is & Why It’s Important

in May 23, 2018

The National Business Research Institute (NBRI) recently published an infographic detailing why customer loyalty is important, what customer loyalty is, the problem or disconnect between businesses and their customers, the solution for improving customer loyalty and the future of “customer delight.”

“Customers are a business’ most important asset, without them the business wouldn’t exist. So it’s imperative to keep these customers happy and improve their loyalty to your business,” NPRI explains. “We created this customer loyalty infographic to help you not only understand it, but to help you cultivate that loyalty among your own customers.”

We found NPRI’s presentation of the importance of customer loyalty in today’s economic societynot only helpful and insightful, but easy to digest with specific details that would apply in a variety of business settings.

What details included in this infographic surprised you?

Where do you think your business falls regarding the problem and the solution?

When considering that the decision-making process is 30% logic and 70% emotion, how do you feel that affects your business?

What can you change to help improve your customers’ loyalty?

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