Using Customer Loyalty Data to Reward with Relevance

in May 30, 2018

People respond to what is relevant to their needs, desires and motivations. With the help of customer loyalty data, companies are learning about the behaviors of their customers and acting on that knowledge to identify their best and highest-potential customers and personalize their communications. They are beginning to understand how communicating with (not at) their customers in meaningful ways can encourage the[…]

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Here’s Your Sign: Building Employee Morale

in May 25, 2018

One of my favorite comedians is Bill Engvall, who does the “Here’s Your Sign” gags. According toWikipedia, “Engvall describes people who ask questions to which the answers should be obvious, and in the process, Engvall shows these people to be stupid. With the tag, “Here’s Your Sign”, Engvall then metaphorically gives these people a sign declaring[…]

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Customer Loyalty: What It Is & Why It’s Important

in May 23, 2018

The National Business Research Institute (NBRI) recently published an infographic detailing why customer loyalty is important, what customer loyalty is, the problem or disconnect between businesses and their customers, the solution for improving customer loyalty and the future of “customer delight.” “Customers are a business’ most important asset, without them the business wouldn’t exist. So it’s imperative to keep these customers happy and improve[…]

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Real Results: How Did Bristol Toyota Scion Create a Valentine’s Day Email Campaign with a 58% Open Rate?

in May 21, 2018

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day celebrates the ladies. That’s why Bristol Toyota Scion in Bristol, Rhode Island, recently used its points-based service rewards program, to conduct an email campaign centered on Valentine’s Day being “Ladies’ Day.” Colorful, Valentine’s-themed emails were sent to all of their service reward members, with the subject line, “Be Our Valentine – View Your Gift Inside.”[…]

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Real Results: Clever iPad Promotion & New UltraCare PPM Program Helps Hare Chevrolet Crush Aftermarket Service Shop Competition

in May 16, 2018

I have been doing regular blogs about successful promotions in dealerships that come to my attention. In this blog I wanted to let you know about a prepaid maintenance (PPM) plan promotion that was extremely successful at Hare Chevrolet. Hare Chevrolet has improved customer retentionand increased its customer-pay RO count by 12% since instituting a dealer-branded prepaid maintenance program[…]

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In the News: Employee Perks Good for Employers, Too, Study Suggests

in May 14, 2018

Companies that provide employees with generous benefits, including contributing more to retirement funds and absorbing health insurance hikes, are often financially healthier because of it. A study released Wednesday found employers that offered substantial programs focused on the long-term financial health of their workers saw a host of business dividends as a result, everything from lower[…]

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15 Things Good Loyalty Programs Do To Create Business Growth

in May 11, 2018

Many of the so-called loyalty programs in operation today don’t really develop loyal customers at all; rather, they create “frequent” customers. Loyal customers do more than just visit your business more frequently than other customers; they are your businesses’ best marketing tool and your biggest fans! They want your business to do well, and they ensure that you’re[…]

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Loyalty Countdown #2 – Practice the 80/20 Rule

in May 04, 2018

In building customer loyalty, the 80/20 rule is alive and well. Roughly speaking, 80 percent of your revenue is being generated by 20 percent of your customers. All customers are not created equal. Some represent more long-term value to your firm than others. A smart company segments customers by value and monitors activities closely to ensure high value customers get their[…]

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