Quality Service Earns Customer Loyalty

in Jan 17, 2022

When it comes to your business, there are key elements for creating customer loyalty. Many businesses fail to analyze the quality of their services. It’s perhaps one of the most essential ingredients to earning and keeping customers. Quality vs Poor Quality Service Customers may love your business and its staff, and continue visiting your well-designed[…]

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Keep Them Coming Back for Prepaid Maintenance & More

in Dec 20, 2021

Extended warranties and prepaid maintenance programs bring in immense revenue to dealerships. But many consumers aren’t aware that they can purchase extended warranties and prepaid maintenance plans after they’ve left the lot. Customers with newer cars will likely receive their dealer’s service coupon emails, thinking they won’t be requiring them. However, as their vehicles approaches[…]

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Are Your Salespeople Evergreen or Shedding Customers?

in Jan 16, 2019

An excellent article on Customer Experience Insight shared an analogy that resonated with me as it can be applied to automotive salespeople. The article compares salespeople to trees and states that only 10 percent of salespeople are considered evergreen; are strong and productive no matter what business and/or the economy is like. They nurture their relationships with[…]

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Building Up Employees’ Loyalty and Engagement

in Aug 27, 2018

When did you last share with someone important why you enjoy him or her? We’re fast to convey disappointment or dissatisfaction with others, but uplifting the attributes in them we like feels rather strange. Yet when it comes to building loyalty, whether in customers, coworkers or family members, nothing will engage their attention – and draw[…]

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Why Dealers Already Offer The Apple Experience

in Jul 11, 2018

Articles are continuously being written in hopes of dissecting and duplicating the Apple Store experience for other businesses. I’ve even seen sessions at industry conferences that revolve around how to duplicate this in car dealerships. While I agree that it should be every dealership’s goal to achieve the level of loyalty that Apple has, an[…]

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