4 Ways You Can Help Employees Talk About You

in Jul 27, 2018
4 Ways You Can Help Employees Talk About You

Happy, loyal employees can be fantastic talkers. The bigger the brand, the more potential advocates you have. And while not every employee will want to do it, that’s OK — because just as many will.

Here’s how to help the eager ones share:

1. Show them how to do it

You probably have a lot of employees who’d like to talk about you right now, but they might not know how to do it or if it’s allowed. Create simple training, guidelines, and tips on how to share. Keep it positive and encouraging, but be clear on the legal and ethical disclosure requirements. Some companies like Dell do regular training sessions (both for employees and for partners), and Farmers Insurance recently did it by helping all of their agents use Facebook to connect with their customers.

2. Keep them informed

Companies invest so much in trying to get their news out, but a lot of that information never makes it to the staff. Start a simple newsletter highlighting interesting things employees might want to share. When you launch a new product, give them a sneak peek. When you host events, give them a couple passes to give away. Whenever you do something worth talking about, make sure they’re among the first with a chance to share it.
3. Give them the tools to make it easy

Much of what inspires your fans and happy customers to talk will inspire your employees in the same way. It’s product samples, beta tests, emails they can forward, and swag. The classic is the “secret” friends and family discount that somehow seems to always leak out to the masses. And remember: You’re already doing most of this stuff for your external fans, why not do it for your employees too?

4. Thank them when they do it

Just like you thank your external talkers and advocates, you can do the same for your employees. Feature them in your marketing, link to their Twitter accounts and blogs, and highlight the cool stuff they’re contributing. This makes the talker feel like a rock star, and it also helps motivate everyone else to join in.

How are your helping your employees talk about you?

In what ways can you thank your employees?

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