5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

in Aug 08, 2018

Even though businesses spend a great deal of time marketing to new customers, the best business lies in existing clients. Loyal customers tend to buy more, spend more and talk about your business more. Before customer loyalty programs came about, sincere customers got the same standard perks as the rest of the world, until finally, someone spoke up. Today’s businesses have a myriad of opportunities to build customer loyalty, which is crucial since customers want to be recognized and rewarded for their purchases.

Let’s discuss five simple yet effective ways that you can build customer loyalty starting today.

5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

1. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

When customers make a purchase, they want the company to stand behind the product. How many times have you purchased something only to find that it’s near impossible to locate contact information or speak to anyone remotely human? Have updated contact information on your social media profiles, offer live chat on your website and reply to questions and negative comments on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Being reachable is a huge perk in today’s market.

2. Understand What Customers Will Pay For

It’s easy to assume that your customers are paying for something specific, such as your expertise or the quality of your product. However, customers can’t evaluate your expertise, and they instead base their experiences with your company on their positive qualities. Understand what your clients are willing to pay for and the factors that drive them to be a customer of your company. Don’t just assume that your product is always the best. 

3. Ask for Customers’ Opinions

Customer surveys are a great way to make customers feel like a part of your company; their feedback greatly valued. There are multiple ways to gather this information, including online discussion questions, online surveys and personal phone calls. Offer up an incentive for filling out the survey for a better return rate.

4. Always Include Existing Customers in Marketing Plans

It’s never fun when you’re a loyal customer but the incentives remain available to new customers only. There’s no reason why loyal customers should be left out, and in actuality, these types of new-customer-only incentives can drive current customers away. When working on marketing strategies, include perks for existing customers so that they can be rewarded, too. After all, you want all customers chasing after the same thing, right? 

5. Appreciate Loyalty

It’s easy to take customer loyalty for granted. Many businesses believe that once a happy customer, always a happy customer. But customers are not static. Their needs change, their interests change, and there is always competition that can take your business away. Reach out to your current customers regularly. Show them that you appreciate their continued business and recognize the impact they have on your achievements.

How do you ask for your customers’ opinions? What incentives do you offer for completing a survey?

What is your business doing to show your current customers how much they are appreciated?