Building Up Employees’ Loyalty and Engagement

in Aug 27, 2018

When did you last share with someone important why you enjoy him or her? We’re fast to convey disappointment or dissatisfaction with others, but uplifting the attributes in them we like feels rather strange. Yet when it comes to building loyalty, whether in customers, coworkers or family members, nothing will engage their attention – and draw[…]

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What Is Anticipatory Customer Service?

in Aug 22, 2018

A fascinating article in Forbes shared a concept that is increasingly winning over customers. In the article, the author described what he termed “anticipatory customer service” as “a customer experience that manages to serve even theunexpressed wishes and needs of your customers through the use of technology and automation.” People are busy. A gesture such as an emailed[…]

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Rewarding the Four Percent: Delta’s New Loyalty Strategy

in Aug 17, 2018

Delta Airlines recently revamped its loyalty program changing how rewards are distributed to its customers.  In an article in Knowledge@Wharton, Peter Fader, Wharton Marketing Professor, applied the concept of customer centricity in reviewing Delta’s current loyalty program. The concept is simply; “the recognition of differences across your customers.” Knowing that 4 percent of Delta’s customers accounted[…]

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Stop Thinking in Third Person

in Aug 10, 2018

Dealerships today are continuously seeking new ways to acquire new customers. Endless services and platforms pop up almost daily that offer businesses new ways to reach out to the world and attract new customers – whether that’s through online media, social media platforms, mobile ads or database mining. The problem is that many businesses concentrate[…]

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5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

in Aug 08, 2018

Even though businesses spend a great deal of time marketing to new customers, the best business lies in existing clients. Loyal customers tend to buy more, spend more and talk about your business more. Before customer loyalty programs came about, sincere customers got the same standard perks as the rest of the world, until finally, someone spoke[…]

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