For Maximum Revenue You Must Get Emotional

in Mar 04, 2019

Many businesses, including the automotive industry, have a strong focus on creating a better customer experience through technology. In fact, technology has transformed the customer experience across all industries. Consumers can buy a multitude of products online and have them delivered, in some cases, in an hour. Technology has even advanced to the point that[…]

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Do You Have A “Super” Loyalty Program?

in Mar 01, 2019

Loyalty programs are nothing new to retail. In the beginning, most consisted of simple punch cards or other basic means of tracking customer transactions. As technology improved, many programs became digitized with key tags, cards and other ways for retailers to keep track of these transactions, aside from purely manual means. Then came big data,[…]

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They’d Rather Clean a Toilet than Talk to You

in Jan 18, 2019

In this age of always-connected consumers seeking instant gratification 24 hours per day, consumer engagement and the customer experience are more important than ever in order to earn that elusive thing: Customer Loyalty. Consumers are more independent than ever before. They’re tired of chasing automated phone systems and having to tell their story multiple times[…]

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Retention, Loyalty or Acquisition Marketing?

in Oct 17, 2018

We all want new customers. And it’s certainly mandatory to retain a customer to create a loyal one. But how we market our dealerships is increasingly important — as each form of marketing will deliver different results. The three terms: loyalty, retention and acquisition marketing, all have their own distinct meanings and should be used[…]

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Prepaid and Complimentary Maintenance Plans Equal Loyalty from Next Gen Customers

in Oct 15, 2018

New data from DMEautomotive reveals power of OEM/PPMs lasts well beyond expiration While most dealerships offer some degree of prepaid maintenance (PPM) or complimentary dealer and OEM maintenance plans, many question how effective these plans really are and if they do in fact provide the intended retention and ROI. Good news—research shows that they do and additionally[…]

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