What Incentives Does Your Dealership Use to Bring Customers Back?

in Jun 15, 2018

Dealers using an incentive program (such as our BeBack card), find that approximately 18% – 20% of prospects return and purchase a vehicle within 10-15 days of receiving the incentive card. Salespeople select the prospects who are leaving the dealership without making a vehicle purchase, and give them a denomination-based incentive card as an enticement to return and buy. These have been proven to work, time and time again!

 A good incentive program also provides your dealership with a method to determine why customers did not purchase and maintains contact and top of mind for several more weeks as they consider their vehicle purchase more closely. Wouldn’t you like to know why your customer did not make a purchase? E-mail a survey to your prospect as soon as they leave the dealership. The survey should seek to determine the exact reason(s) why the customer did not make a purchase. Based upon the customer reply, create another response tailored to their reason. You will be surprised by the candid customer responses. Our dealership customers who do this typically get a 30-40% response rate to the survey.

What incentives have you used to get customers back into your business?

Do you do surveys to find out why customers didn’t buy? If so, what are the main reasons?

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