Loyalty Countdown #1 – Build Staff Loyalty

in May 04, 2018

It’s a fact: any firm with a high level of customer loyalty has also earned a high level of staff loyalty. It’s darn near impossible to build strong customer loyalty with a staff that is in constant turnover. Why? Because customers buy relationships and familiarity. They want to buy from people who know them and their preferences. The key[…]

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Loyalty Countdown #4 – Serve First; Sell Second

in Apr 30, 2018

Today’s customers are smarter, better informed and more intolerant of being “sold” than ever before. They expect doing business with you to be as hassle-free and gratifying for them as possible. When they experience good service elsewhere, they bring an if-they-can-do-it-why-can’t-you? attitude to their next transaction with you. They believe you earn their business with service[…]

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TODAY Show Discusses Benefits of Retail Customer Rewards Programs

in Feb 19, 2018

NBC’s TODAY show cohost Natalie Morales discusses the success and benefits of retail loyalty programs… from the customers’ perspective. Citing Wall Street Journal research, Morales states that three out of four Americans belong to a retail loyalty program, like DSW Rewards, CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare or Kroger Rewards. To guestsElizabeth Holmes (Wall Street Journal) and Carmen Wong Ulrich (personal finance expert and author of “The[…]

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