Real Results: Clever iPad Promotion & New UltraCare PPM Program Helps Hare Chevrolet Crush Aftermarket Service Shop Competition

in May 16, 2018

I have been doing regular blogs about successful promotions in dealerships that come to my attention. In this blog I wanted to let you know about a prepaid maintenance (PPM) plan promotion that was extremely successful at Hare Chevrolet. Hare Chevrolet has improved customer retentionand increased its customer-pay RO count by 12% since instituting a dealer-branded prepaid maintenance program[…]

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15 Things Good Loyalty Programs Do To Create Business Growth

in May 11, 2018

Many of the so-called loyalty programs in operation today don’t really develop loyal customers at all; rather, they create “frequent” customers. Loyal customers do more than just visit your business more frequently than other customers; they are your businesses’ best marketing tool and your biggest fans! They want your business to do well, and they ensure that you’re[…]

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Real Results: LoyaltyTrac Increases Member Service Revenue by Thirty Percent

in Feb 16, 2018

A popular Ford dealership in Spokane, Washington has achieved measurable, significant success using the LoyaltyTrac® program. Since installing the program in 2004, this store’s service department revenue has increased 20%, customer defection has been all but eliminated and the average customer spend per repair order is $50 higher for program members compared to non-members. During[…]

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Fresh Ideas for Service Department: Prepaid Maintenance Program Aids Customer Retention

in Feb 12, 2018

Car dealers are trying new ways to retain service-department customers. Pete Harvey is the general manager at Gillman Nissan, south of Houston. The dealership has sold several vehicles outside its primary market, and those buyers don’t always return to Gillman for their maintenance needs. To encourage them to stay on as service customers, Harvey has[…]

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