Loyalty Countdown #6 – Get Responsive & Stay That Way

in Apr 27, 2018

Research shows that responsiveness is closely tied to a customer’s perception of good service. The advent of the internet, particularly social media platforms, has changed the customer’s perception of responsiveness. More and more, customers are coming to expect round-the-clock customer service. Additionally, customers now arrive at a website time-starved and eager to locate answers. Technology tools such as customers self-service, email management and live chat are proving increasingly critical in addressing the demanding customer’s responsiveness needs.

Action Step: Review all customer touch points and identify any area that produces a responsiveness bottleneck. Prioritize these areas, with highest priority given to those affecting the most customers. Put ongoing improvement processes in place to raise response standards.

Source: Griffin, Jill. Customer Loyalty: How To Earn It How To Keep It. 2002.

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