Be Consistent and Gain Customer Loyalty

in Jan 18, 2022

Great customer experiences can win you customer loyalty. Many dealerships have added cafes and other perks to their locations to maintain their customers’ satisfaction. But these amenities cannot distract your customers from any service or sales mishaps, and it’s easy for them to inquire about the next competing stores.

When a customer visits a business, they prefer an experience they are familiar with. They expect the same quality service that encouraged them to invest in your dealership in the first place. So, if they don’t feel they’ve gotten it, they may rethink their loyalty to you.

The Hyatt hotel as an example. Most hotel chains acquire smaller, non-branded hotels to extend the chain’s reach. The Hyatt follows the same business strategy with its Hyatt Place brand. The Hyatt Place is specifically designed to reflect consistency and confidence to its guests.

While other hotel chains encounter complaints from customers claiming their stay did not live up to their expectations, Hyatt provides their guests identical amenities and room layouts, giving travelers confidence that they will get exactly what they pay for.

Why is this important?

People do business with companies they already know they like. The hardest element of customer loyalty to earn is your customers’ trust. But you earn trust through consistency. Customers visit your dealership for the first time on a whim, and the customer mainly cares about their experience. However, in today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to provide a great customer experience unless you successfully provide it every time, for every customer.

Over time, your customers will grow to be understanding of any mistakes your dealership makes, as they get to know your intentions and experience great service from you. However, this can become tricky to navigate, as some customers may expect perfection, and if they do not feel they’ve received it, all the work you’ve done to earn their loyalty could backfire.

While likeability and brand are important, trust and consistency are the main ingredients in earning customer loyalty. So, it’s important to strategize with your team to successfully apply knowledge and wisdom and generate the revenue you desire.

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