Loyalty Countdown #4 – Serve First; Sell Second

in Apr 30, 2018

Today’s customers are smarter, better informed and more intolerant of being “sold” than ever before. They expect doing business with you to be as hassle-free and gratifying for them as possible. When they experience good service elsewhere, they bring an if-they-can-do-it-why-can’t-you? attitude to their next transaction with you. They believe you earn their business with service[…]

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Loyalty Countdown #6 – Get Responsive & Stay That Way

in Apr 27, 2018

Research shows that responsiveness is closely tied to a customer’s perception of good service. The advent of the internet, particularly social media platforms, has changed the customer’s perception of responsiveness. More and more, customers are coming to expect round-the-clock customer service. Additionally, customers now arrive at a website time-starved and eager to locate answers. Technology tools such as[…]

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Loyalty Countdown #7 – Know Your Customer’s Definition of Value

in Apr 25, 2018

The loyalty password is value. Knowing how your customer experiences value and then delivering on those terms is critical to building strong customer loyalty. But knowing your customer’s true definition of value is not easy because value definitions are constantly changing. Invest in customer loyalty research that enables you to understand, through the eyes of the customer, how well you[…]

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Loyalty Countdown #9 – Use Multiple Channels to Serve the Same Customers Well

in Apr 16, 2018

Research suggests customers who engage with a firm through multiple channels exhibit deeper loyalty than single-channel customers. But take note: this finding assumes the customer gets the same consistent service whether coming into the store, logging onto the website or calling the service center. To accomplish this, your firm must internally coordinate sales and service across multiple[…]

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Loyalty Countdown #12 – Store Your Data In One Centralized Database

in Apr 13, 2018

Most firms lack a 360 degree view of their customers because they have no centralized database. Billing departments, sales divisions and customer service centers might all have their own database, with no effective means for creating a complete customer information composite. To effectively implement a sound customer loyalty strategy, data from all customer touch points must[…]

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Real Results: How Did Howdy Honda Drive Customers to Their Facebook Page with Cookie Recipes?

in Apr 09, 2018

Nothing creates warm-fuzzy feelings quite like cookies. That’s why Howdy Honda in Austin, TX recently used LoyaltyTrac, their service rewards program, to conduct an email campaign centered around the holidays and cookies. Colorful, cheerful emails were sent to all of Howdy Honda’s service reward members, encouraging them to submit their favorite holiday cookie recipe to be included in a[…]

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