Tips for Building Lifetime Loyalty

in Feb 26, 2018

“When you change your thought process and go to thinking about the relationship with the customer, and the service that you’re providing the customer, then all of a sudden transactional liabilities go away” says Chris Zane, Founder and President of Zane’s Cycles in Branford, CT. Zane Cycles was recently featured online at “If I don’t make money on one[…]

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TODAY Show Discusses Benefits of Retail Customer Rewards Programs

in Feb 19, 2018

NBC’s TODAY show cohost Natalie Morales discusses the success and benefits of retail loyalty programs… from the customers’ perspective. Citing Wall Street Journal research, Morales states that three out of four Americans belong to a retail loyalty program, like DSW Rewards, CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare or Kroger Rewards. To guestsElizabeth Holmes (Wall Street Journal) and Carmen Wong Ulrich (personal finance expert and author of “The[…]

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Real Results: LoyaltyTrac Increases Member Service Revenue by Thirty Percent

in Feb 16, 2018

A popular Ford dealership in Spokane, Washington has achieved measurable, significant success using the LoyaltyTrac® program. Since installing the program in 2004, this store’s service department revenue has increased 20%, customer defection has been all but eliminated and the average customer spend per repair order is $50 higher for program members compared to non-members. During[…]

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Fresh Ideas for Service Department: Prepaid Maintenance Program Aids Customer Retention

in Feb 12, 2018

Car dealers are trying new ways to retain service-department customers. Pete Harvey is the general manager at Gillman Nissan, south of Houston. The dealership has sold several vehicles outside its primary market, and those buyers don’t always return to Gillman for their maintenance needs. To encourage them to stay on as service customers, Harvey has[…]

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Driving To Success

in Feb 09, 2018

Before the onset of any successful journey – whether personal or professional – three questions need to be answered: Where am I?What is my destination?How do I get there? Unfortunately, we often focus so much on the goal or destination that planning the best route to actually reach that goal usually falls by the wayside.[…]

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Uncovering the Secrets of CRM Success with the Customer Relationship Masters

in Feb 05, 2018

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has grown exponentially in importance since it was first introduced. The first CRM systems were little more than contact management systems. Today, however, CRM technology has advanced and has become much more. The latest generation of CRM systems that specialize in automotive retail can segment your database, so you can target[…]

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