Want to Know Why Consumers Don’t Trust Us?

in Dec 07, 2018

The reason that consumers don’t trust us is simple… the messages we send them aren’t believable. Point in case: Doug Demiro, a former manager of Porsche Cars North America, and now author of a popular column on automotive website Jalopnik, answered a reader’s question in his column that illustrates this point very clearly. The question essentially boiled[…]

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Google Just Made Targeted Ads More Effective

in Nov 19, 2018

When done properly, Google Ads are an effective piece in any multi-channel marketing strategy. The ability to target traffic to specific behavior and keyword searches is invaluable. Well, Google is now following in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter and on September 27 announced the roll-out of a new Google Ad feature named Customer Match. This new[…]

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Using Data to Drive Tangible Results

in Sep 07, 2018

The whole goal of this series is to help dealers understand that there is no need to be afraid of your data. It is one of the most valuable assets a dealership has and, when used correctly, can increase revenue by improving the effectiveness of any marketing. Previously in this series, we covered segmentation of[…]

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