Do You Have A “Super” Loyalty Program?

in Mar 01, 2019

Loyalty programs are nothing new to retail. In the beginning, most consisted of simple punch cards or other basic means of tracking customer transactions. As technology improved, many programs became digitized with key tags, cards and other ways for retailers to keep track of these transactions, aside from purely manual means. Then came big data,[…]

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Going Beyond All-You-Can-Eat In Loyalty

in Oct 01, 2018

When consumers think of loyalty programs, they typically think of racking up miles, or frequenting a business in exchange for rewards, perks or freebies. No matter what business you patronize, there is a good chance that it is offering some sort of loyalty incentive. In fact, many argue that loyalty programs are so prevalent nowadays[…]

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How Rewards Become Chores

in Jul 02, 2018

There are many benefits to having an automotive loyalty program at your dealership to increase business and customer retention. You must be mindful, however, of some dangers that exist if the program is not implemented and administered properly. Loyalty programs seek to reward behaviors. For dealerships, automotive loyalty programs exist to reward customers for spending money at[…]

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