Loyalty: It’s Not ALL About Millennials

in Apr 17, 2019

A recent McKinsey podcast shared that when it comes to loyalty programs, a large part of the population is being ignored: elderly customers. The podcast featured Jaana Remes, partner of the McKinsey Global Institute, and coauthor of the report “Urban World: The global customers to watch.”  According to Remes, the elderly population will grow by more than one-third[…]

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Do You Have A “Super” Loyalty Program?

in Mar 01, 2019

Loyalty programs are nothing new to retail. In the beginning, most consisted of simple punch cards or other basic means of tracking customer transactions. As technology improved, many programs became digitized with key tags, cards and other ways for retailers to keep track of these transactions, aside from purely manual means. Then came big data,[…]

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Successful Performance Loyalty Group Dealers Featured Twice in Automotive News!

in Feb 18, 2019

Performance Loyalty Group is privileged to have been included in not one, but two recent Automotive News articles outlining the success our auto dealer clients experienced using our products to gain and retain customers, build stronger relationships and drive more revenue. The first was in May 2016, and highlights the spectacular results H&H Chevrolet experienced[…]

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How to Combat Loyalty Program Fatigue

in Jan 28, 2019

The average U.S. household now belongs to more than 18 loyalty programs, for a total of more than 2 billion memberships. That’s an awful lot of loyal customers. But, all these programs and cards can have an unintended effect: customer loyalty fatigue. Most consumers do still participate in their ‘favorite’ loyalty programs, and for many[…]

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What Do Consumers Want in Exchange for Their Loyalty?

in Jan 07, 2019

It’s getting more difficult to earn and keep loyal customers. Consumers these days have so many choices for their shopping needs that it only takes that deep discount, or shiny bauble, to lure them to your competition. As businesses scramble to create positive customer experiences by ensuring superior customer service, consumers increasingly realize they are[…]

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Customer Experience is King

in Dec 21, 2018

Competition for air travel is fierce. Especially when it comes to wooing business travelers. An interesting fact that recently came to light is that the most desirable customers are not necessarily those that have flown the most miles. Airlines have realized this and have changed how rewards and statuses are earned. You see, flying longer[…]

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