Don’t Let Your Loyalty Program Backfire!

in Feb 13, 2019

The intention of a loyalty program is to show your customers that they are appreciated and encourage them to choose your business over any competition. These programs can create value and generate lifetime relationships with customers — as long as the experience remains consistently pleasant. However, a trend currently rearing its head in the loyalty[…]

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What History Can Tell Us about Loyalty

in Oct 05, 2018

“The British are coming” shouted Paul Revere in his famous midnight ride frantically trying to warn colonists of the impending attacks by England. Did you know that statistically only 4 in 10 people cared about this news? Only 40% of colonists supported the revolution, with some historians even estimating support in the 20-30% range. The[…]

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Walmart Gets Into the Loyalty Program Arena

in Sep 10, 2018

Recently, AdAge reported that Walmart is starting a loyalty program. Based on their price-match guarantee, Walmart is launching an app named “Savings Catcher,” which consumers can use to receive refunds for items purchased at Walmart that have been found for a lower price at a competitor. While many stores have price-match guarantees, this app ups the ante.[…]

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Stop Thinking in Third Person

in Aug 10, 2018

Dealerships today are continuously seeking new ways to acquire new customers. Endless services and platforms pop up almost daily that offer businesses new ways to reach out to the world and attract new customers – whether that’s through online media, social media platforms, mobile ads or database mining. The problem is that many businesses concentrate[…]

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Using Your Loyalty Program to Improve Your Tactical Marketing

in Mar 21, 2018

A good loyalty program consists of much more than simply rewarding your customers’ repeat business. In many ways, the repeat business generated by customer rewards is only scratching the surface of the loyalty and retention benefits available with such a program. A recent article published by ITC Infotech details how businesses can include customer-centric processes in implementing[…]

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