Customer Experience is King

in Dec 21, 2018

Competition for air travel is fierce. Especially when it comes to wooing business travelers. An interesting fact that recently came to light is that the most desirable customers are not necessarily those that have flown the most miles. Airlines have realized this and have changed how rewards and statuses are earned. You see, flying longer[…]

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Own Your Way to Customer Loyalty

in Dec 19, 2018

Earning customer loyalty in today’s society is especially tricky. As almost every retailer now has a loyalty program, it’s difficult to stand out and make your customer truly feel special and appreciated. Earning loyalty isn’t simply about giving something away. It’s about creating and nurturing a relationship that builds a brand advocate who will continue[…]

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The ROI of Customer Experience

in Dec 17, 2018

An interesting study conducted by MaritzCX and published on CustomerThink relays how dealers should care about – and invest in – the creation of a better customer experience in their stores. While customer experience can be vague, and in the past has mostly been measured through surveys and CSI scores, MaritzCX conducted a comprehensive study to show[…]

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Is It Ever OK to Lie to a Customer?

in Dec 14, 2018

Yes. Now let me explain. In our industry – as well as life – we continuously talk about transparency. Let’s be brutally honest here. Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. Is it always that way in real life? If your wife asks you whether she looks fat, you know you’re always going to say “No.”[…]

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How New Car Owner Clinics Can Foster Customer Loyalty

in Dec 10, 2018

In dealing with the customer experience, all too often the conversation centers on the customer’s buying path from initial contact through the sale. What many businesses don’t think about, however, is that the sale is only the start of the relationship. Customer loyalty is built through a consistent customer-centric experience. In the retail automotive space,[…]

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Want to Know Why Consumers Don’t Trust Us?

in Dec 07, 2018

The reason that consumers don’t trust us is simple… the messages we send them aren’t believable. Point in case: Doug Demiro, a former manager of Porsche Cars North America, and now author of a popular column on automotive website Jalopnik, answered a reader’s question in his column that illustrates this point very clearly. The question essentially boiled[…]

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Loyalty: Why Silence is the Enemy

in Dec 05, 2018

In the automotive industry, hundreds of customers pass through dealerships on a daily basis. Each of these customers will interact with dealership staff multiple times during their visit – whether they’re there to buy a car, or for a simple oil change. It’s very easy to function as an organization with a focus on efficiency[…]

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